Support available for the Leadership Curriculum programmes

We offer a range of additional support, assistance and development opportunities to participants undertaking the training with our Teaching School.

We take great pride in listening to the needs of our participants and have used the valuable feedback that we have received to continuously enhance the quality of our training programmes. We are now able to offer you a unique development opportunity which enhances your effectiveness as a school leader and boosts your confidence to lead school improvement.

The additional opportunities and support we offer are:

Final assessment workshops

These workshops present a good opportunity for you to revisit the final assessment criteria after completing the programme. Once you have successfully completed all of the compulsory face-to-face training sessions, you will be invited to attend an optional final assessment workshop. One of our experts will revisit the assessment criteria with you and will support you to achieve top marks in the final write-up of your school improvement task.

Mock panel interviews

We offer an opportunity to our NPQH participants to rehearse their final assessment panel interview, before delivering the real thing. Participants on NPQH are required to deliver a presentation to a panel, which includes a serving headteacher, once they have successfully passed Task 1 and Task 2 of the final assessment. We have a dedicated group of leaders who are available to form an interview panel, enabling you to experience the processes and receive constructive feedback that you can apply to the third task of the assessment process before you are required to present to the final assessment panel.

Shadow daysa day in the life of a…

You are welcome to spend a whole day shadowing one of our outstanding principals or senior leaders to obtain a stronger sense of what makes a leader/school ‘outstanding’. Experience our daily routines first-hand by observing our leadership and management techniques, teaching and learning policies, and behaviour management processes.


For additional support outside of the classroom, we can offer you a mentor to help you gain even more from the course. Your mentor will be an experienced leader within a school, willing to pass on their expert advice and answer any questions you have. By expanding beyond the leadership course you are completing, you will have the opportunity to learn about how they progressed and the different options you have to develop yourself. Mentoring can take place face-to-face, over the phone and via email exchanges. A mentor can be assigned to you at any time throughout your course, and we ask that it comes to an end once you have submitted your final assessment.
There will be a small cost for a mentor, which can be paid at the time of enrolment.

Coaches and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

Take advantage of our professional coaches or SLEs to help improve your practice. We have a number of coaches and SLEs who are on hand to provide more intensive support while you undertake your training. You can meet and communicate with one of our coaches or SLEs for guidance and direction, in connection with leading your school improvement task and initiating change for improvement.

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