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SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation

The Lead Practitioner programme is made up of a framework of professional standards and a process of accreditation that has been designed by the profession, for the profession.It recognises the skills, experience and qualities of school staff at every level, serving to embed and extend teaching and learning that it impacts positively on the learners.

The accreditation programme starts with a rigorous  self-assessment against the criteria. This involves online accreditation, supported by moderation and guidance from SSAT experts and experienced Lead Practitioners (LPs). During accreditation, teachers  reflect on the impact of their practice on learners and understand how it can be shared and developed with colleagues. Action research and evidence underpin every step of the process.

The Lead Practitioner Standards:

  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Challenging, developing and innovating
  • Always a learner
  • Coaching to lead
  • Negotiating to lead
  • Networking to lead
  • Undertaking research
  • Understanding how learners learn]
  • Transferring specialist expertise
  • Communicating and presenting

On a whole-school basis, Lead Practitioner accreditation helps:

Evaluate impact, and identify strengths and areas to develop

  • Introduce criteria and associated levels to clarify the process practitioners are making in leading learning
  • Build a culture of effective teaching and learning
  • Structure your schools’ professional development plan

The Lead Practitioner accreditation lasts for three years and is a nationally recognised qualification that opens up a number of compelling opportunities. Accreditation also offers 30 credits APEL’d towards a Masters degree at Nottingham University- available as a face-to-face or online course.




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