SSAT Leaders for the Future

With a very real crisis of leadership looming, it is essential that the next generation of leaders are identified, retained and developed.  These emerging leaders are at the heart of successful, sustainable schools.

This programme is aimed at teachers with leadership potential who are in the early stages of their career. The focus is on developing leadership skills, knowledge and mind-sets, which can be used immediately to increase their impact beyond their own classroom through influencing others and working on wider projects.

Below is an overview of what is covered in each module:

1.       Leading yourself

Before you are able to lead and manage others, you need to know and manage yourself effectively. This means developing emotional intelligence; understanding your own personality and seeking to understand others, considering how you communicate and how you are perceived by others

2.       Leading for impact

This module explores the component parts of ‘vision’, how to explain a personal vision and consider its impact upon the individual, the team and the school/academy. Furthermore to explore the key elements of building and effective team, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of particular teams in delivering successful outcomes. An examination of the aspects of project management will provide a structure through which a project or plan can be achieved

3.       Leading and influencing others

Teachers in the early stages of their careers are often given departmental projects and whole-school initiatives to lead on where they have no formal authority and therefore need to access a wide range of interpersonal skills and influencing styles to achieve success. Leaders for the future modules will tend to regularly have ideas for improving your school which you want to implement but struggle to get the buy-in of more senior colleagues.

4.       Leading yourself for the long term

Teaching requires both long-term and short-term strategies to ensure that teachers stay motivated, healthy and on top of their responsibilities. This module aims to help to think about how they can be effective now in their current role and how they can ensure they make the best personal choices about how they want to develop in the future.

5.       Leading through coaching and mentoring

This session explores the different approaches that should be considered when supporting a colleague or leading a team. The session helps delegates to identify when best to use these approaches, strategies to use and the potential risks.

Programme schedule:

Date Module Time
24/04/17 Leading through coaching and mentoring                                                17.00pm- 19.00pm

Where: Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Cost: £250 per delegate

To register, please click on the link below: