NASENCO Plus Programme

Nasen's mission is that they exist to promote the advancement and development of all individuals with SEND/ALN. They aspire to be the leading international SEND/ALN membership organisation for educational professionals. Harris City Academy Crystal Palace will be hosting a four dates with NASEN, where delegates can either choose to attend individual days for £75 per day or or all four sessions for £250.

Wednesday 17th May 2017: Provision Mapping for SEND

Identify the difference between provision mapping and provision management

Session outline

  • Understand the definition and range of dyslexia
  • Know some practical strategies for supporting learners with dyslexia

Tuesday 13th July 2017: The Role of the SEND Governor and their partnership with the SENCO

Understand the SEND governor role and responsibilities and plan for an effective partnership/relationship with own SEND governor

  • To develop a greater understanding and awareness of the signs of dyscalculia
  • To explore the co-occurrence between developmental dyscalculia and other developmental conditions, including dyslexia and ADHD
  • To identify what practical strategies are available to tackle the difficulties experienced with dyscalculia and support high quality teaching and learning

Cost: £75 per day 

Where: Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Book: Via Eventbrite